Launch Company

B-Line Diamond Drilling was founded by Lado Lleshi after finding a demand in the market for diamond drilling and concrete cutting services.



B-Line was instructed to work on the iconic AELTC, helping renovate Court No 1 with a new Retractable Roof.


New Launch

The company opened our Demolition, Fire Stopping, Railway Maintenance, Property Maintenance divisions. Following the successful launch of our new divisions the company decided to change their name from B-Line Diamond Drilling to B-Line.



B-Line had a successful year and record growth for the company. B-Line acquired Carthew’s Diamond Drilling; B-Line purchased our new warehouse / yard in South Wimbledon leaving our business suite in Chessington which B-Line started.



B-Line GmbH launched in Germany, operating out of Regensburg, Bavaria



B-Line invested 45% into our Hire division following our recent purchases of BROKK’s and Track saws, the same year we managed to retain all our staff while the country battled the on-going COVID-19 crisis.


Speedy Growth

B-Line had a 10% increase in our turnover following a very tough year for the construction industry. The company heavily invested into our B-Green programme which is our zero-emission programme. Since launching, we have diversified our fleet and we have incorporated our electric vehicles into our local and national projects.

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