Controlled Demolition

The BROKK is a state-of-the-art remote-controlled robot designed for a variety of demolition purposes. It can access areas that are considered unsafe for people and operatives. The BROKK is a very mobile machine and has the ability to traverse upstairs and along awkward routes. The BROKK can also be elevated to a height using a crane or platform to an area that may be unreachable in normal circumstances. Operatives position themselves away from the machine totally eliminating any exposure to body or hand/arm vibration. B-Line own its own Brokks which are electric powered, ideal for fume free indoor operation. Robots range from 400Kg to 3500Kg in weight to cope with various job situations i.e. floor loading, size of access route, reach to work location etc. Some of the operations a BROKK can carry out are: drilling, breaking, concrete crushing, shearing, excavating, grabbing, grappling, scrabbling, planning and mining.