Concrete Repair

Concrete Repair can be split into 2 Main Areas: Injection Grouting and Resin Injection.

Injection Grouting is the process by which cracks and voids in existing concrete are filled under pressure to strengthen the damage masonry structure. Carried out using large pumps and lines, once the damaged areas are prepared the Grout can be poured en masse at a high pressure into the areas and smoothed over before setting.

Resin Injection is the process by which the relevant cracks need to be repaired without any water / air ingress and is usually carried out using Hilti Resin Anchors. This pressurised injection technique in turn strengthens the Waterproofing Ability of the Masonry / Concrete as well as filling the gaps.

B-Line’s Concrete Team can carry out Concrete Repair from small to large scale jobs, assuring attention to detail through every stage of the process. We also have the ability to install new Bolts using Hilti Resin Anchors such as the HILTI HIT-HY 200-A and HIT-HY 270-A. These bolts once installed can then be pull tested and certified by our Pull Testing Engineer in accordance with the Construction Fixing Association (CFA) Scheme.