Court One, Wimbledon

B-Line drills more than 20,000 holes; more works to follow for the much coveted roof

B-Line carried out the first phase of construction and enabling works for the new retractable roof. Over 20,000 core holes were drilled with engineering precision around the roof area in under 6 weeks. These cores holes were drilled in order to enable the specialist roofing contractor to position the roof structure.


The roof is planned to be commissioned by 2019 and any delays in a project of such magnitude would be visible to the whole world - thanks to the prestige and popularity of the Wimbledon tournaments. Thus, the main challenge was to drill the holes to precision within a very tight schedule.

Earls Court

B-Line to deploy Europe’s first mobile tracked wire saw on construction site with Europe’s largest crane

B-Line was extremely pleased to announce its appointment as the wire sawing      sub-contractor on the Earls Court Exhibition Centre which is set to deploy the 3rd largest crane in the world and the largest in Europe in order to lift loads up to 1500 tonnes.

​The main challenge provided by the main contractor Keltbray was a strict deadline of cutting 61 portal beams on 61 nights across a 90 day period which would have been impossible to achieve with the traditional wire saws for the size of these beams. Other challenges involved tolerance limits of 1mm structural settlement during cutting. Settlements of more than 1mm could result in the wires getting stuck in the beams causing delays.  B-Line accepted these challenges and came up with the workable solution of procuring track mounted wire saw from the USA which was used to cut the strong foundations of the world trade centre post 9/11 attacks.


Power Station

The building that is world renowned

Working on such an iconic building in London mad B-Line extremely proud. this project was focused solely on us using our skills within the Diamond Drilling sector

Methods included, floor sawing, tracked wall sawing and diamond core drilling to allow easy removal of concrete throughout the building and to create opening to accommodate new structural modification. 


To complete this project on time and within budget, stamped B-lines presence within the Diamond Drilling industry.   

Express Building, Manchester

Our opportunity to rejuvenate an iconic building designed by, MR Owen Williams

During our time working on the iconic Express Building, Manchester we had a great opportunity to display our skills in the north of England. Our duties included, internal strip out of the toilet blocks to expose all lift shafts, removal of ductwork and sprinkler systems and removal of all electrical cables from the 6th floor to basement level. 

Cleveland Street

Premium restorations to the architecture, 30 Cleveland Street offers an exceptional workspace.

As one of our first demolition contracts, this was an up hill task from the beginning, our duties included, Internal strip out back to shell, removal of passenger lifts, demolition of lift overrun, forming of new risers, demolition of plant room, removal of roof covering and insulation of temporary works.

B-line are proud to say that this contract was completed on time and within budget. 

55, Gresham


B-Line were tasked to remove the plant rooms and stairwells using robotic demolition machines (Brokk)

This was sensitive work, as being in the city adjacent offices were live. The demolition of these structures had to be done in accordance with Section 60 meaning that noise could only be produced during a 2 hour window in the morning and for 2 hours in the early evening. The large glass atrium's were a very problematic section being removed with minimal access and noise restrictions.

B-line had to use all our disciplines to achieve the project with no lost time accidents and to schedule. The work scope was in itself extremely challenging but yielded valuable experience. 

St Katherine's

Dock, London

Tower Of London in our sights

B-Line was extremely proud to be awarded the contract to work at St Katherine's Dock, also being so close to the iconic Tower of London. Our task comprised of many elements that was challenging from the start, this included, removal of all mandolite (fire stopping) from all the structural beams from ground floor to the 5th floor. In addition to this B-Line was also awarded the contract to infill all holes left from the removal of the structural beams  and lift opening's on all floors. 

2 Avenue Elmer,


B-line successfully completed the repair and full exterior redecoration of the 4-storey detached Victorian house.

Faced with the costly dilemma of the need for scaffolding to carry out the works,  B-line proposed to complete the works using a mobile elevated work platform, reducing the project costs for the client considerably.

Our team had to be mindful of the neighbouring school when carrying out the works, taking care not to cause disturbance to the young pupils or allow them to come into harms way when passing the site throughout the day. 

The works included, repairing areas of wood rot around windows, building cracks, spalling boundary wall, slate tiling of bin area, the prepping and painting of all metal work, coving, windows and bay windows, doors and painted walls.

Bencraft Halls,


The initial start of this project began with internal strip out, this then quickly escalated in to additional works required from B-Line. Due to the nature of our company and that we operate in many different fields of the construction industry, we was later awarded to contract of various building works, including bricklaying and painting. 

This was a contract lasting around 4 months, completed on time and within budget.