Health & Safety Policy

Statement of intent:

“Our aim is to achieve success through keeping our employees safe and ensure that each working day enriches our employees’ lives and health. Employees are our greatest wealth and we will do all in our capacity to keep them safe”.


The purpose of this Policy is to: -

•     Set out the H&S Management System

•  Assist managers throughout B-Line Ltd, in implementing H&S Policies and       Standards

•     Support B-Line Ltd.’s commitment to a safe site environment

•   prevention of accidents and ill health is the most important function of all our       Managers and Supervisory staff.

B-Line Ltd, hereinafter referred to as ‘the Company’ will ensure, so far is reasonably practicable, the Safety and Health at work of employees by providing:

•     A safe system of work

•     Safe plant and equipment

•     Safe means of handling, transporting, etc. articles and substances

•     Adequate training, instruction, information and supervision

•     Safe places of work with safe access to and egress from the place of work

•     A safe and healthy environment

•     Adequate welfare facilities

•     Arrangements for joint consultation

The person ultimately responsible for safety will be director Lavdrim Lleshi. The Company will also ensure that the way its work is carried out does not, so far as is reasonably practicable, affect the Safety and Health of persons other than its employees e.g. other contractors, visitors, public. Where the Company controls a site or premises where other persons are required to work it will ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that the site or premises, or anything on the site or premises does not present a risk to their Safety and Health.

Employees must look after their own Safety and Health and ensure that they do not endanger others. They must also co-operate with the Company to assist in meeting any statutory requirements.  No person may recklessly or wilfully interfere with anything provided in the interest of Safety and Health. Failure to comply with these duties or to breach any of the specific regulations for Safety and Health can lead to prohibition or improvement notices which will interfere with the progress of work and/or lead to prosecution of the Company, individual Directors, Managers, Supervisors or Operatives.

The Company will ensure; its activities are conducted safely; the health of its employees, its customers and the public will be protected; environmental performance will meet legal requirements, and that its operations are run in an acceptable manner to the local communities.


In particular, we will:

•     Comply with relevant laws and regulations and take any additional measures we consider necessary.

•   Ensure that all our activities are being carried out in accordance with the         Company, Safety, Health and Environment Standards.

•    Set demanding targets and measure progress to ensure continuous improvement       in Safety, Health and Environment performance.

•    Require every member of staff to exercise personal responsibility in preventing       harm to themselves, others and the environment, and enable them to contribute       to every aspect of Safety, Health and Environment protection.

•   Use only those products that can be transported, stored, used and disposed        safely.

•     Seek to make use of new or modified products only, which assist in conserving        the environment and lead to sustainable development.

•     Provide appropriate Safety, Health and Environment training and information for         all our staff, contractors and others who work with us.

•     Communicate openly on the nature of our activities and report progress on our        Safety, Health and Environment performance & collect feedback from

•   Promote the interchange of Safety, Health and Environmental information and     technology throughout the Company and make our expertise and knowledge        available to relevant statutory authorities.

This policy applies throughout the Company and our business operations.

The company is committed to reflecting in its business activities, management concerns for both local environment and conservation of resources. We are aware that our activities can have an impact on the environment and shall endeavour to continually improve our environmental performance. The company aims to comply with all environmental legislation and ensure that the prevention of pollution is an integral part of our working practices.

In particular, we will:

•     Ensure that our employees and sub-contractors are aware of our environmental   commitment and that they understand their environmental improvement        responsibilities.

•   Actively encourage employees and sub-contractors to suggest environmental        improvement initiatives.

•   Ensure that all waste that cannot be reused or recycled within the project is        transferred by a registered carrier to a licensed waste disposal site.

•     Ensure that all material and waste is carefully stored to prevent contamination of         ground and surface water.

•    Seek to minimise nuisances such as dust, odour, noise and vibration resulting        from activities by complying with all local and national regularity requirements.

•     Evaluate the potential to reuse or recycle our waste products

•     Endeavour to work more closely with clients regarding the materials used.

Lavdrim Lleshi